Patricia Buckley Gotwols

Artist Patricia Buckley Gotwols sees animals a bit differently. While trained in classic portraiture, Gotwols paints animals living in a whimsical world where anything is possible. Dogs drive cars. Ducks wander to the bath. Two moose chomp lunch. Both humorous and classic, these true-to-life paintings draw from the artist's childhood and love of animals.

Gotwols, a graduate of the New England School of Art, and trained at the Maryland College of Art, has painted her entire life. "I was born knowing I was going to paint", Gotwols said, "It was not something I chose. It's something that chose me."

With work featured in galleries world wide, Gotwols paintings are collected internationally by those touched by her dream.

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Catch of the Day

Jackson's Jag

Lunch with Eldridge

Jumpin Jacks

Rubba Duckie

Duc Luvr

Midnight Cruise

Dogs Night Out

Bunny Hutch

Bo Sleeping

Where's the Leak?

Bo Swimming


Jake and Murphy

Daisy and Friends

Best Friends


Beau Claus




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